Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a very effective way in communicating with your customers and potential buyers. Due to the vast number of solicitation emails that people receive, it has become very difficult to create email marketing campaigns that have a 100% success rate. Believe it or not, but there are many people who prefer email communication and email customer relations than any other platform or social media channel. We’ve done our own research and found some very interesting facts about email marketing, which we will use in your email marketing campaign.

To those who believe that email marketing has ended for good; we’ve got something that will change your impression of emails once again!

Our research has showed that…

  • Most emails are opened at the beginning of the week
  • The end of the week has proved to be most effective in terms of making a sale
  • Using capitals in the email subject line is 30% ineffective
  • Purchasing decisions after seeing an email are made within five days, and during nights

Listed above are general findings that we’ve found through some targeted email marketing. We’ve stripped out specific information from the findings above. For interested parties, we do have specific percentages, numbers, dates and times to back our findings.


Customer retention is important for any business, regardless of it being online or offline. Our email marketing and communication campaigns will ensure the best possible customer relation for your business.