Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation

social-mediaCreating an online brand presence for your business is always a must! You’ve got that done? Great! Are you just going to have your social media accounts, websites and online presence rot in the jungle or do you want to make sure that your hard work pays off? Your company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in building a reputable brand presence and the slightest mishap could bring all of that down to nothing. The following are 3 cost-effective ways of how you can protect your brand’s online reputation with very little to no work.

  • Social Media Handles/Integration

As you may already be aware, social media is the new wave in communication between businesses and consumers. Many fortune 500 companies are resolving customer complaints right on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. While they do this, its all being seen by hundreds of other potential customers. Can you see how this could help skyrocket your brand value?

Even if you are not going to be using your social media handles, it is extremely important to have them registered, so that no one else can. This is one of the easiest ways for an unhappy customer to sabotage a company’s online presence, as social media posts/tweets can go viral very quickly. Your first step should be to claim your brand handles on all the major social media websites and any up and coming ones as well! We understand that constantly updating your social media accounts can be a hassle for some, and that’s where our social media services come in handy.

A few of the social media properties you should claim brand handles on include Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Google Places, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Digg. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up for an account, so you’re looking at half an hour of work.

  • Claiming Brand Handles on most TLD’s

It’s not just enough to claim your brand handles on social media properties as someone could create the same website as yours on another variation of your domain. We recommend that you claim all variations of your brand name on several of the major domain extensions including .com, .net, .info, .org and .ca if you are in Canada. Would you rather spend thousands of dollars trying to purchase the domains from the new owner, or would you invest ten dollars in claiming that domain name today?

  • Have You Googled Yourself/Company?

If you’ve never searched for your brand on Google or any other search engine for that matter, you’d be very surprised at what others may be saying about your company. You won’t have control over what is said about your brand, but you can certainly turn those negative customer comments into positive ones by interacting with those posters/tweeters. When a company hides and refrains from talking to their clients, it really drags down the business’ brand value. However, when you reply to a customer complaint and make things right it shows that your company really cares about its customers and this has incredible brand value!

Brand Reputation Management

Often times, you may even find online properties that have created pages for your business, so its time you verify those accounts and claim them, so that you have full control over what is displayed online. A good rule of thumb is to Google your brand, company, staff and even products to see what people are saying. Being afraid of what you MIGHT see will just make things worse for your company in the long-run!

Take full control of your brand’s reputation today and avoid having to spend thousands for reputation management. For help with brand marketing, brand reputation and corporate identity for your business, feel free to contact us today!

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